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5 Best Fitness Memes… EVER.

Memes are everything. They explain our emotions, thoughts, and attitudes about everyday life in a phrase. At its beginning, memes were okay – you kind of laughed, but it wasn’t anything special. Now, people have become extremely creative. And by creative, I mean downright hilarious.

For those of us that struggle with balancing fitness with epicurean delight, it is important to humor ourselves with our struggles to keep going on this fitness journey. As a result, here are the 5 best fitness memes… EVER (in my opinion, at least).

1. Food shopping gone wrong.


Everything is going well and you see the junk food aisle. You try to avoid it, but you’re hungry and your mind is playing tricks on you. So, you meander down the aisle just to browse. You feel like you need some higher power to guide you down the aisle so you don’t buy everything in sight.

2. Healthy eating.


Your higher power gives you the strength to get through the junk food aisle and checkout with health-conscious foods in hand. Great job! After you get home, you put away your items and relax for a second. Then, you remember that you’re hungry. Once you look inside your refrigerator, you notice there isn’t anything good to eat. DAMMIT!

3. Working out.


Then, life happens. You go to school, work, care for your family or do it all. You have a free moment to go to the gym, but you’re exhausted. **Enter this meme.** You justify why you won’t go to the gym and reward yourself for enduring such a rough day. Don’t lie. We’ve all been there.

4. Tracking your meals.


After dinner, you notice that you have a caloric deficit. Instead of maintaining it, you make sure that you use every unused calorie with the most savory treat allowed. Who cares? You deserve it.

5. You lose weight.


The dreaded morning after arrives. Although you don’t want to do it, you need to know. You weight yourself. The suspense builds as you await the final reading. You LOST a pound! Whhaaaattttt? You have a pep in your step for the rest of the day. You eat well, for the most part, and then you go to dinner with friends. You boast about your accomplishment and reward yourself, because you’ve earned it. Per usual, you overdo it.

For us on this journey, let’s laugh at it to allow us to become stronger, healthier, and more fit people. We deserve it.