Why I Hate Tasty

Okay, let me clarify, I DO NOT hate Tasty. They just make me fat.

Earlier today, I was on Facebook – per usual – and saw a video from Tasty. If you’re unfamiliar, Buzzfeed‘s Tasty is a segment that provides its viewers with easy-to-complete, delicious recipes. The problem is that they’re all so fattening.

As a stockier person, I despise this. Food is my kryptonite – the more delectable it appears, the more likely I am to prepare or order it. The health conscious part of me dismisses the videos, because they seem unhealthy. The ‘food is your life’ part of me wants to rush to the supermarket, grab all needed items, and cook it like the next iron chef.

Despite my need to save every Tasty video posted on Facebook, I have held back cooking every recipe published. I think it is important to maintain a sense of discipline when attempting to modify your lifestyle to a healthy one. Even though I love sweets and tasty foods, I try to eat them in moderation. The boring ‘lean protein and lower natural carb’ meals are necessary to minimize the junk our bodies have to process. Otherwise, we’re prone to overloading our bodies with too much crap and not enough nutrients. And I’m sure our bodies aren’t fans of stuff that doesn’t fuel it efficiently and effectively.

So, when you see a Tasty video of another easy-to-make meal or dessert, be selective. Don’t prepare every meal they offer. Pick one or two a week that will savor your palette, while minimize yo-yo dieting. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. Here’s one of my favorite recipes (don’t judge), although I don’t add the bacon: Loaded BBQ Chicken Nachos.


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