I’m sorry… SO sorry

Good afternoon, everyone! I would like to apologize for not being active on here. I was sick for a couple of weeks and have been traveling, as well. There are no excuses, but I wanted to give you a little background information regarding my disappearance on here.

Not much has changed, except I’ve been remiss in eating clean. Since I recovered from my illness, I’ve been on the road. As you know, it is very difficult eating healthy on the run. I judge cheer competitions a great deal. The event producers provide you with candy, chips, and fatty foods. Needless to say, I have not been losing weight – but on a positive note, I have been maintaining my weight.

But today – I know we all say this – I am starting to get back at it. Cardio, weight training, clean eating, and a positive attitude. Maybe this will be the time that it will stick. And with positivity, anything is possible.

This is going to be my reaction when I go to the gym today:giphy-2



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