I like being comfortable. Since I work part-time at a cheer gym, I have an appreciation for wearing athleisure – comfortable attire. Comfort lies in the ability to feel safe, at ease. I believe comfort is an important factor in establishing a healthier lifestyle and workout routine.

Similar to most Americans, one main New Year’s resolution of mine was to workout more frequently for a sustained time period. Although I’m not shy at all, I get easily intimidated in gyms where the majority of people are fitness professionals (aka gym rats). In front of them, I feel like I look like this:



I know this may seem dramatic, but it’s true. Gym rats stare at you and talk about how stupid you look. (Yes, gym rat, I know I am not doing my reps perfectly, but I will get there.) Even though I know that everyone has to start from somewhere, I get discouraged from working out. Hence my reason for ending memberships at Gold’s Gym and Boston Sports Club.

After being disappointed by Blast Fitness, I decided to try out Planet Fitness. Although I had doubts, I toured the facility (which was nice). Shortly thereafter, I signed up. It was only $19.99 per month. It’s been two years and I absolutely love it. I’m comfortable there and even though the facilities lack aquatic offering or classes, I can be myself.

It is a melting pot – people of all races, professions, ages, sizes, fitness levels, etc. And it’s refreshing. There are no façades, but people who generally want to improve their fitness one step at a time. And though I have attempted to improve myself several times before, I feel comfortable in knowing that I won’t be judged, but embraced for wanting to be a better me. And I comfort – and joy – in knowing that we’re united in the search for wellness and health.



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