The Struggle is REAL

Okay, it’s not what you think. I don’t have a hangover or anything in that spectrum. Work and competitions have taken over my life lately, so meal preparations have suffered and haven’t been given it due diligence. As a result, I tried to make more healthy meal decisions.

EPIC FAIL. Let me explain.

It’s a proven fact that the quality and quantity of meals can affect your metabolism. Eating protein and grapefruit can significantly boost your metabolism, which is why I consume both. After answering emails, going to doctor’s appointments, and running errands, I decided to stop at Panera Bread, the healthiest restaurant in the city I visited.

The food was great – it was packed with protein, low-fat, and not extremely high in sodium. Above all, it was delicious. (Side note: Don’t you hate nasty health foods? Me too!) After finishing my meal, I returned to a long series of events, including working with my college cheer team.

After a great practice, I was hungry. Since it was after 10pm, there was nothing open except McDonald’s and Taco Bell. None of these choices were healthy, so I chose Taco Bell. Trying to avoid hangry Shawn, I submitted to the idea that Taco Bell was acceptable. WHY??? It’s not even good. Oh well. I guess I will be working out TWICE today.



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