New Year, New Me?

Hi, everyone! My name is Shawn. I’m a public relations professional and a cheerleading coach/judge/choreographer. After high school, I became a fitness aficionado. It was my thing. I used to frequent the gym at least four times a week and eat healthy. My blood pressure was low and all health indicators positively supported my regimen.

After going into management, I fell off of the fitness path. My eating habits went to crap. My metabolism slowed down. And my clothes slowly began to tighten until they did not fit. I tried personal trainers, fad dieting, and internet tips. Nothing has seemed to stick.

After receiving troubling news that I am prehypertensive, I have decided to take back my health. My stomach is resembling a chocolate donut these days, so I’m referring to myself a ‘Chocolate Donut Guy’. Like many people out there, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to drop the weight – for good. Join me on this journey of fitness redemption, where I record my struggles, mild persistence, and triumphs in becoming a fitter, more healthy me. And in the process, I’d love to lose this chocolate donut.


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